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belajar cara nak mengelak
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belajar cara nak

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Tuesday, 2-May-2006 16:46
cara-cara nak mengelak

belajo cara nak mengelak

ni pulak otai dah masyuk... dgn cara dia yg tersendiri...

Jenis-jenis silat (UMUM)
Silat terbahagi kepada silat yang menjurus kepada seni atau bunga, buah pukul atau kedua-duanya sekali (seni dan buah pukul). Namun begitu kebanyakan perguruan mengajarkan kedua-duanya sekali. Silat seni seperti silat pulut biasanya dipersembahkan pada majlis resmi dan keramaian seperti majlis perkahwinan.

Seni Silat Cekak is a Malay art (Seni) of self defence (Silat) which is genuinely original and can be counted upon to preserve life. It is not a style of silat which is ceremonious in nature used for perfomances at traditional Malay weddings such as Silat Pulut or Silat Pengantin. As such, Silat Cekakdoes not have any musical accompaniment such as the traditional Malay drum or Gendang and does not perform graceful dance-like movements for public amusement such as Silat Pengantin. In fact, Silat Cekak does not utilize any evading nor side stepping techniques, whether to the left or right, in mortal combat. It deals with hostile aggression head on. Thus, Silat Cekak is a combat oriented art. Seni Silat Cekak contains original techniques which has never been altered ever since it came into being as a system of self defence. The system consists of hitting and maiming techniques (buah pukulan) as well as a complete array of body and limb locking techniques (buah kuncian) in its arsenal of fighting manouvers. Being complete and unique, this form of silat does not use nor imitate techniques from other systems of self defence be it local or foreign. Silat Cekak is deeply rooted in the principles of Islam. The fighting techniques used in this system of silat utilizes natural body movements based on a sound state of mind and a peaceful disposition. Furthermore, the teaching of Silat Cekak has been simplified and systematized to facilitate easy learning. In accordance with Islam too, this system of silat emphasizes defence rather than offence to instill a spirit of courage as well as patience. In effect, a violent and aggressive nature is not a part of Seni Silat Cekak . Only under extreme circumstances where life is at stake will the student of Silat Cekak take the offensive and initiate an attack.

Seni Gayung Fatani is one of the most artistic type of silat which some might mistaken it for a traditional dance. But do not be fooled for its steps and hand movement can easily lock its opponent. it is claimed as one of the most ancient style in peninsular Malaysia where it actually originated from Pattani, a place in Southern Thailand. It is also known as silat patani, gayung patani, gayung and silat pulut. Not until it was registered as an association, then the name was formalized to Seni Gayung Fatani (in Arabic, fatani means cleaver)by the founder of the association, Tuan Haji Anuar Abdul Wahab. He is the individual responsible in developing new curriculum derived from the traditional form."Edited", as he said, the founder and also the "Guru Utama" (the leader of all guru that is registered to this association)made an effort to comercialize silat in Malaysia. He is also the founder of "silat olahraga" (the sport fighting game of silat which is now held internationally). In his effort developing silat curriculum came "silat malaysia" as a result. It is the first curriculum to be recognized by the government to be taught in schools all over Malaysia.

In the new system, the syllabus are generalized into five levels. The first one teaches the body basic steps to avoid coming threats and how to counter attack them. Second level teaches the practitioner on how to use different types of blocking using hand and leg before counter attacking the opponent to the ground. Third level teaches an additional techniques of hand locks, grappling the opponent to the ground. The forth level teaches the practitioner how to "sambut" an opponents attack. "Sambut" means how to absorb one's attack and use it against the opponent. This could be something like aikido, but in a different way. The last level is more on spiritual and mental fitness which they claim to be secretive. Along the way they teach you how to use weaponry such as the "keris", "parang", sword, sticks and many other more. But nowadays, not all guru can teach such weapon techniques using a "tekpi or sai or trisula", the tail of a stingray, kerambit and many other unique malay weapon.

In the old system, it only takes 100 days to complete the training. But it is more on the art of locks and opening them. You wont see any side kicks or fancy punches. There are now not more than ten people that masters this old style or system and they remain secret because in order to maintain the originality from being "edited" again. The real secrets of silat can only be mastered using the traditional method of learning. It is only then you can translate the meaning of gayung into words which the new system and its founder fails to see.

"Tolong jangan mengarutkan laman ini" Terima Kasih

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